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New updates in the section BlacMiners! + 15% to replenish!

Dear miners! We are pleased to inform you about the long-awaited update in the section "BlackMiners". Now players can leave the community, and the head of the community can also be kicked out of players due to inactivity. When you leave the community, the money for joining is not returned, and all purchased weapons are lost. When you leave the community, "Lucky Mines" become available for purchase.

Grow your communities! The more active players in your community, the higher the chances of taking top positions in the ranking and getting additional bonuses in the game.

In honor of the new update, we give players +15% to replenish at 24 hours.

15.10.2018 17:17

Bitcoin Instant Payouts. New opportunities! Blackminers! + 15%

Dear miners, the game Bitcoinmine continues to develop successfully.

In the «Quests» section appeared additional opportunities for earnings. Tell about the successful payment from the project on the forums and get bitcoins in the game.

Also great news on payments. Bitcoin payouts are now available instantly. Also in connection with the updates the minimum rate for the payment is now 0,003 BTC

The section "Blackminers" was updated. Now for communities with a large number of weapons and with a large number of participants it is possible to carry out looting more often. Details of the new update, see the section "Blackminers".

In honor of the new updates, we give all players +15% on replenishment for 24 hours.

14.10.2018 10:59

We are 150 days old! Update of section BlackMiners!

Friends! We are glad to inform you that today is 150 days since the official launch of the BitcoinMine project.

We also have to close the section of the BlackMiners for 4 days in order to update it significantly.

In honor of the new update, we are launching an action +15% to replenishment for 48 hours.

Thank you for choosing BitcoinMine!

08.10.2018 20:59

Security update! Newsletters! + 20% to replenish!

Dear miners, as promised, we tightly engaged in improving the project! New updates are again available in the project.

Security updates. Now your account has become even safer. New updates will help protect your account from password guessing and theft of funds. Soon it will be possible to additionally protect your account by IP.

Good news for leaders. Leaders can now make mailings to their referrals. Attention! Mailing can be done only once a week. It is prohibited to invite players to third-party projects other than BitcoinMine in mailings.

In honor of the new update, we give all players +20% to replenish within 24 hours.

02.10.2018 09:55

Long-awaited updates! +20% for 24 hours!

Dear miners! Everyone has been waiting for new updates from the BitcoinMine! team for a long time! We are actively working on the blockchain version of the project, so there was almost no time left for the browser version. But it is time to change this trend, because in front of this great game there are new horizons and goals.

Today we will please you with the following updates:

  • AutoRefBack - now available for all players in the «Settings» section. Delight your referrals with instant refbacks!
  • Moderators Chat - now the moderators will be informed about the events that await the game, as well as the plans of the administration. Moderators will be able to more influence the development of the project and improve it, listening to the players

In the very near future, players are waiting for new updates in the sections:

  • BlackMiners
  • Leaders
  • Protection against robbery
  • Security Update

In honor of the new updates, we give all players bonus +20% for 24 hours, as well as the opportunity to purchase «MegaMines».

29.09.2018 23:03

We are 50000! Announcement of ICO! + 20% to replenishment!

Congratulations to friends! We are 50000! We are announcing the creation of our own crypto currency “Game BTC” (GMTC). The decentralized version of the project will allow players to see the transparency of the project and earn and sell the crypto currency when playing. In the near future, a new game site will be launched at

Also, the project team will continue to update the browser version of the game. In the near future it is expected:

  • Security Update
  • Launch the section «Leaders»
  • Updating the section «BlackMiners»
  • Updating the «Bounty» section

In honor of this news, we give all players +20% to replenish within 24 hours. Thank you for being with us!

21.09.2018 21:21

September 1! New profitable mines!

According to numerous requests, the project team launches new mines that are inaccessible to looting! Mines can be bought within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the mines will be unavailable for purchase indefinitely!

In the nearest plans of the project team, the launch of surfing sites and the section "Leaders". Follow the news!

01.09.2018 14:22

New Updates! + 15% to replenishment!

Dear friends! We have new updates! We are building up interaction between players in the project, so we present you a new section "Leaders". Leaders will be able to manage the work of other miners, improve conditions and impose taxes, increasing their profits in the project! Read more in the section "Leaders".

The next 10 days to become the leader can be at a special price of 0,01 BTC.

Also according to numerous requests: - We added an additional description in the section "BlackMiners" - We have redesigned the technical support module. In the near future we will be able to solve your problems more quickly - The game is nearing the mark of 50,000 players. And we are actively preparing for the presentation of our ICO project

Follow the news! And thanks for choosing BitcoinMine!

28.08.2018 16:00