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5 major updates! Opportunities mines! + 7% replenishment for all at 48h!

Dear miners, we are actively continuing to develop the BitcoinMine project! And we are pleased to inform you about new interesting updates in the project:

1. Welcome message to referrals!

Each player in the project will now be able to customize the message to his referrals of up to 800 characters. You can set up a welcome message and motivate your referrals to get avtorefbek in the “Settings” section, offer development assistance in the project!

Attention! Messages are prohibited from using links or suggestions to invite players to other projects. For breaking the rules you will receive a life ban in the game.

2. Notice of robbery!

Now project participants will receive automatic notification of robbery, as well as information on how to deal with robbery.

3. Surfing sites

Friends, now in the project appeared surfing sites. Each player will be able to post a link to the project or earn on views from advertising. View ads will come to the players at the expense of purchases, an account for withdrawal, as well as at the expense of opportunities!

4. Mines of opportunity

Successfully launched a new section of mine opportunities. Here you can purchase mines both for free and with the help of replenishment to the account. Mines are thrown into the game in small quantities at different times, follow this section to make a bargain. The same section of the mine capabilities will be improved, filling the project with new features!

5. Confirmation of mine improvements

In order to avoid accidental updates of the mine and debiting the funds, we have created a window for confirming the improvement of the mines. This will protect players from rash purchases and accidental withdrawals.

Stay tuned for new project updates! Thank you for your patience and support!!

07.12.2018 18:32

BitcoinMine 200 days! Action +15%! New updates!

Dear miners, we are 200 days old! The project continues to grow rapidly!

In honor of the holiday, we give players +15% for the first deposit and +10% for all deposits.

We have great news for BlackMiners. Now funds from the robbery of some players will replenish the account of opportunities. You will be able to identify the targets for the robbery with a special icon next to the player's alias.

Also in the coming days, the project will earn "surfing sites".

Promotions and bonuses for the project will be valid for 48 hours! Follow the news.

28.11.2018 16:26

Black Friday! +15% replenishment, only 24h

Good afternoon, dear miners! We continue to work on improving the project! Due to numerous requests, we decided to join the international flashmob and launch the action +15% for the first deposit in the project. Take this opportunity to invite referrals to the project or to secure a quicker opportunity to make a profit.

Also for all players, a new opportunity to replenish the "account of opportunities". Take a cool video about the project and get 2 times more bitcoins at the expense of opportunities in the "Bounty". Try to make the video interesting and make an interesting title in order to get moderated faster.

In the near future, surfing sites will appear in the project and the game will work; find Bitcoin. Follow the news!

23.11.2018 11:25

An important appeal to the players! Change project strategy! Preparing for ICO! There are 60,000 of

Good afternoon, dear miners! There are already more than 60,000 of us, which means that the next stage has come in the project. And we will do everything to make BitcoinMine an absolutely eternal and independent game.

The solution of the accumulated problems

The economy of the browser game was exhausted by the use of project bugs, we tried to solve problems, punish violators, but this only aggravated the situation. Thousands of calls to those. support, frozen conclusions. The BitcoinMine team decided to remove all restrictions from players who used project bugs. blockchain versionp

We continue our journey and start a new one. In the near future, the team will announce the blockchain version of the project and its own cryptocurrency "GMTC" (Game BTC). Inspired by the success of the CryptoKitties project, we are creating a decentralized blockchain platform at "" and it will be released now.

    What opportunities are waiting for players:
  • the ability to generate your own mines
  • decentralized games within the project
  • unique development strategy inside the game

The announcement of the platform at the address "" will take place in early December 2018.

New opportunities.

From this day on, the browser project will no longer have stocks to replenish, and players will receive tools to attract new members. It is the involvement of participants in the project will be the main task of the coming months. We will also launch an advertising platform based on BitcoinMineGame.

Each player of BitcoinMine above level 7 will be able to receive project tokens at an early stage and transfer their profile to the blockchain version. For players above the 9th level, they will have access to a closed pre-sale of tokens, distribution of links to presales (with an increased% of referral), discounts, as well as unique features inherent in the blockchain version of the game.


We appreciate each player and do not want to make the project another scam. BitcoinMine is a real idea and your support is very important to us. Stay tuned for new news and updates!

17.11.2018 15:06

Global project updates! Protection against robbery! + 20% for 48h

Dear friends! Thank you for your patience! The project required a significant update

We have opened new opportunities for "BlackMiners". Now the community’s money can be spent on improving it, speeding up robberies, getting the opportunity to rob deposits, etc. Details can be found in the section "My community".

There was a long-awaited "protection against robbery". Users will now be able to fully or partially protect their mines from robberies in the "Black Market" section.

Due to the increased bonuses we raised the exchange rate for withdrawal up to 15%

You all could see interruptions in payments in recent days. All this is connected with the detection of critical project vulnerabilities, which have allowed many players to underpay or withdraw large sums from the game by deceiving the work of the mines.

A very large number of players created multi-account grids in the project, others collected profits from closed mines, others closed the loan using deposits. All these bugs are now reflected on honest and decent players.

Now we are seriously engaged in security and in the near future all payments will be resumed by 100%, as well as the issue of overdue payments will be resolved. Thanks to all honest players who support us! We will try and improve for you! Follow the news!

07.11.2018 23:12

New updates in the section BlacMiners! + 15% to replenish!

Dear miners! We are pleased to inform you about the long-awaited update in the section "BlackMiners". Now players can leave the community, and the head of the community can also be kicked out of players due to inactivity. When you leave the community, the money for joining is not returned, and all purchased weapons are lost. When you leave the community, "Lucky Mines" become available for purchase.

Grow your communities! The more active players in your community, the higher the chances of taking top positions in the ranking and getting additional bonuses in the game.

In honor of the new update, we give players +15% to replenish at 24 hours.

15.10.2018 17:17

Bitcoin Instant Payouts. New opportunities! Blackminers! + 15%

Dear miners, the game Bitcoinmine continues to develop successfully.

In the «Quests» section appeared additional opportunities for earnings. Tell about the successful payment from the project on the forums and get bitcoins in the game.

Also great news on payments. Bitcoin payouts are now available instantly. Also in connection with the updates the minimum rate for the payment is now 0,003 BTC

The section "Blackminers" was updated. Now for communities with a large number of weapons and with a large number of participants it is possible to carry out looting more often. Details of the new update, see the section "Blackminers".

In honor of the new updates, we give all players +15% on replenishment for 24 hours.

14.10.2018 10:59