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We are 30 days old! + 11% for replenishment!

Dear miners! BitcoinMine officially turned 30 days old. We express our gratitude to all players who believe in the project! At the moment we are working on the blockchain version of the site, just ahead of you are waiting for interesting bounty updates and new sections! In honor of 1 month from the birth of the project, we give all participants 11% to replenish for 48 hours!

11.06.2018 13:32

Major security update! + 10% for replenishment!

The game has a major security update! Now BitcoinMine has become more stable and reliable for all players! We apologize to all users for waiting.

By popular demand, we extend the share of +10% to replenish for 48 hours! Thank you for your trust in the project!

07.06.2018 21:02

New quests. New mines. Bonus on replenishment + 10%

BitcoinMine is announcing new updates.

The game appeared section «Bounty», as well as earned a new quest in the section «Quests». As soon as possible, more quests will appear in the game.

In the section «Lucky mines» new more rare but more profitable mines became available, now they are available only for players with closed loans.

Bonus for replenishment +10% is an excellent opportunity to close a loan! By popular demand, we launched the action for 36 hours.

What awaits the players next? New mini-games between players, new fascinating sections, the announcement of ICO, blockchain version of the project. Thank you for choosing BitcoinMine!

04.06.2018 18:45

Running a mini-game! Bonus for replenishment!

Dear miners, we have a lot of good news for you!

Our game is getting bigger! Over 20000 players registered in the project! In honor of this event, we have opened a mini-game «Dollar vs Bitcoin». Spin a coin and tell other players about your luck in Chat! Earn more with BitcoinMine. For all players 24 hours will act share - 5% for any replenishment.

In the nearest future, the administration of the update of the section quests. Follow the news!

01.06.2018 13:41

Official opening

Good afternoon, dear miners! We are glad to inform you about the official opening of the project! In the near future a number of updates are expected that will strengthen the economy of the game and will make it possible to earn even more.

We want to inform you about the most interesting updates of those days:

  • The section «Credit» was opened
  • Profit for the free mine was carried to 0.00000040 BTC / day
  • Made a major security update, added a pin code

What can players expect in the near future?

  • Launch the section «Quests»
  • Launch Mini Games
  • Chat update
  • Adding Spanish to the game

Thank you for choosing our project! Good earnings to all!

16.05.2018 16:59

Lucky Mines! +5% to all replenishments!

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the holidays! We wish you victories and successes in all your endeavors.

The administration of the game reports the opening of a new section "Mines of Fortune". Perhaps luck will smile at you and you will be able to open a mine that will quickly pay off all your investments! Mines of luck appear in small numbers and are available to the most agile players!

Earn more with BitcoinMine!

In honor of the opening of a new section, a super-action +5% for all replenishments will be in operation 24 hours in the game!

08.05.2018 23:48

New section "Moneylender"

Dear miners! We are confidently moving towards a full-fledged opening! We are glad to inform you about the launch of a new section "Moneylender". Many miners are tired every day to go into the mines and collect profits. The moneylender takes the money of the miners for a good interest and automatically charges you profit on the account for withdrawal.

  • The Moneylender deposits a deposit for 210 days
  • Profit is calculated every 24 hours and is available to the conclusion
  • The number of deposits in the game is unlimited

To view the new section you can click on the link "Moneylender".

In honor of the opening of a new section in the game, there is a +5% share for all replenishments.

06.05.2018 17:56